Friday, June 20, 2008

This is Gary with his buddy Bucky. We call Bucky "The Escort" because every time anyone goes up or down the stairs in our house, he has to run over and walk with them.


Margaret Ann said...

OH my! your blog is just gorgeous...thanks for leaving a comment on mine...what a treasure I have found in you...I will be back for more!

I used Daniel Smith quinacridone watercolors topped of in places with prismacolor neon colored pencils and in others glazed over with Albrecht Durer watercolor Pencils...Obviously the color amd sketch work was done back at home due to the severe heat...Hope that answers your question..again thanks for the visit on lovely comment! :)

Brenda Y said...

You do fantastic work! I love the expressions (both man and cat!) on this one and the narrative about "escort" is so funny!