Friday, August 22, 2008

The Ladies of Bayfield Beach

On our recent trip to the Apostle Islands, I saw these two older ladies sitting on the beach. Although the day was not that cold out, they were bundled from head to toe in towels and blankets , so that every single inch of thei bodies were covered. They were so cute. This is colored pencil.


Mark Hill said...

Gee it's too hard to choose between the two! I like both and each because of the different qualities in each.

Ann said...

I love this! Well I like all of your works here too actually.

sfbaynadine said...

I prefer the colored pencil but your Photoshop rendition is Great in its own way. You have such a nice subtle approach to your colors found you in the Everyday Counts name is Nadine also :)

my work can be found at www.flicker.Com/photos/nadine1016